Why is it worth visiting the company contact fair

When it comes to starting a career, it is never too early to start. Are you in the middle of your studies, have your degree almost in your pocket or are you a graduate? Great, then visiting the career fair on October 19, 2022 will definitely pay off for you!

The numerous opportunities to make new contacts, expand your network and talk to recruiters about your dream job are unique at the careers fair. So take advantage of the numerous opportunities and find your way to your dream job. As you will probably have already noticed during your studies, whether doing housework, preparing for exams or finding an internship - all beginnings are difficult. In particular, establishing contact by e-mail or via the company's internal portal requires a lot of time and patience. In addition, it is not uncommon for inquiries and application procedures to be rather impersonal in the first steps. But the face-to-face interview at the company contact fair offers great opportunities to network with recruiters (and thus with the company itself). Networking in particular is an important tool here.

Another important point of networking is to make important contacts for starting a career. In addition, the personal contact within the framework of networking offers the opportunity to develop a feeling for whether the job and company suit you. At the same time, a contact person from Recruiting can provide feedback directly on site as to whether there are other interesting job advertisements that match your profile.

Pro tip: If it doesn't fit, try to question what is important to you in your internship and job. The more sure you are of what you want, the easier it will be for you to talk to your counterpart.

If the first introductory interview says "It`s a match", try to find out through the interview what is particularly important in the application process. Ask your counterpart for a business card or a contact address. Sounds old school, but earns you a lot of points. In this way you can refer to the recruiter in the cover letter or in the job interview and establish a first connection to the company. Another plus: the correct spelling. Nothing is more embarrassing than misspelling the contact's name. Sometimes it's quick to say: Next!

Last but not least: Even if you have the feeling that no company should suit you and your interests, get active and seek dialogue. It is possible that an interesting position has not yet been advertised. On the other hand, every good company needs number crunchers or organizational talents.

You dare!

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