Successful at the career event - it works with our questions

Are you at a loss for words because of all the excitement? You know exactly how you want to realize yourself professionally after your studies - but at the decisive moment you can't think of any questions? It doesn't have to be! We have put together a few questions on various topics that will help you shine in the interview.



How does the induction go?

According to which principle does the company act (pull or push)?


Continuing education

What forms of further training are offered in the company?

How are talents and strengths promoted in the company?


home office

Is it also possible to work from home?

What technology is provided for this?

Do you have a home office policy?



What long-term goals is the company pursuing in the coming years?

I plan to continue my education in area xy, how can I integrate this into my work process?



Which skills and abilities are particularly in demand/needed in the department?

Which additional requirements that are not mentioned in the job advertisement are important to you?


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