This is what companies expect at a career fair

In addition to many great opportunities to discuss your entry into the company with recruiters, the company contact fair also offers you the opportunity to check whether you fit the company. But watch out! The various companies also value courtesy, professionalism and preparation. So that you can go to the job fair with confidence, we have a few tips and advice for you on what to prepare in advance and how you can convince the recruiter in a conversation.



Prepare as you would for an in-person interview. Research the company and the advertised positions so that you can ask about specific areas of responsibility during the interview. Think about what is particularly important to you. Home office, further training or reconciling family and work? The recruiters will certainly have an answer to these and many other questions. The more prepared you go into the interview, the better your chances of networking with the company.


The first impression

Order is half of life - this also applies to the choice of clothes. Make sure that your clothing and your physical appearance fit the industry and the company. If you are unsure which dress code is appropriate for your dream job, refer to the company's website and the posts on social networks. Try to be yourself and don't disguise yourself.



Confident but not sure how to start a conversation? No problem. In contrast to the formal job interview, you can start a conversation quickly and informally at career fairs thanks to the relaxed atmosphere. Use this advantage and address your concerns.



Even if you get along well with the employees of your dream job and you can well imagine becoming part of the company - be professional. Here are a few examples: avoid calling the other person the first name or even interrupting them. Be factual and convince with your competence.

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